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Jotashield Colour Extreme

The best exterior paint you can have for your home

Jotashield Colour Extreme gives your house the best protection that it needs against our harsh tropical weather.  Fully tested and proven by external laboratories to protect and beautify your home.
The specially formulated Advanced Jotun Pigment Technology ensures that colours resist UV rays so that your home remains beautiful for longer.
The use of the optimal level of biocide technology prevents the forming of algae and fungus keeping your home protected.
Chosen by iconic buildings like the Burj Khalifa, Petronas Twin Towers and millions of homes around the world, no other paint can match the performance of Jotashield Colour Extreme.
  • Maximum UV Protected Colours
  • Superior Dirt Resistance
  • Extreme Algae & Fungus Protection
  • 12 Years Colour Performance
Jotashield Colour Extreme is built with longest lasting colours keeping your home looking fresh, vibrant and well protected from harsh tropical weather.