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  1. Job Description
  • Organize and manage accounting operations in the company.
  • Manage the organization and system of the Accounting Department.
  • Implement the functions and tasks of the Department to best serve the Company’s development goals. Organize the implementation of regulations on documents and accounting procedures
  • Check the completeness and legality of input and output invoices and documents to ensure compliance with legal regulations.
  • Manage cash receipts and expenditures, banking, accounting documents.
  • Organize the development, dissemination and guidance of departments to implement processes and forms related to accounting work.
  • Control Contracts, costs.
  • Prepare tax reports and financial reports.
  • Provide data to the board of directors or functional units upon request
  • Explain data and provide records and data to tax authorities, auditors, and inspectors
  • Store accounting data according to regulations
  1. Job Requirements

2.1 Qualification and experience requirements

  • Graduated from University or higher in the right major
  • Experience of 05 years or more; Know how to use accounting software and basic English

2.2 Requirements for knowledge and skills

  • Careful, honest, enthusiastic, integrity
  • Priority is given to candidates with experience in the field of Construction/Construction Materials
  1. Benefits

– Salary is negotiated according to capacity and experience, considering salary increase based on work performance;

  • Training opportunities:

– Working in a dynamic, friendly and professional environment with many opportunities for advancement;

– Regular training and professional improvement.

  • Welfare:

– To be paid social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance;

– To buy Health Insurance from International Hospitals;

– Enjoy welfare policies according to the company’s regulations;

  1. Contact:

Interested candidates please send your CV to Email: mai.truong@everestmaterials.com to apply.