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Weathercare Waterproofing

Weathercare Waterproofing is a high quality paint that is stretchable, resistant to algae and mold and retains high color fastness in harsh climates. Water-based acrylic paint with a strong bond between components to help waterproof and cover small cracks. The paint is flexible, resistant to the adhesion of surface stains, anti-cracking and resistant to the influence of CO2.

It is suitable for use in the protection and decoration of previously painted and unpainted exterior surfaces, such as mortar, cement, asbestos, brick, hard and soft boards or on painted wood surfaces. suitable primer.

Dust-proof. Chemical and alkali resistant. Resistant to cracking and covering small cracks. Excellent waterproofing. Resistant to carbonization. Low water absorption. Does not contain harmful substances & flammable substances. High elasticity. Moisture on walls and roofs can be prevented by evaporating. UV resistant. High adhesion. Good anti-algae, mold