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Weathercare Excel

Weathercare Excel is a premium architectural paint. This is a premium paint, 100% water-based Acrylic with optimal protection, resistant to the effects of the environment and weather. In addition, Weathercare Excel creates a gentle shine, making the paint film resistant to alkalis, carbonization and waterproofing. Weathercare EXcel with outstanding features protects the exterior surface to the maximum, withstands the harshest weather conditions for up to 6 years, helping to keep your home clean and beautiful over time.


It is specially formulated to protect and decorate the exterior, painted or new surfaces such as drywall, cement, plaster frame, brick and wooden surfaces.


Has excellent antibacterial, anti-algae and mold resistance. Good adhesion and high color fastness make the paint film easy to clean without fading. Resistant to carbonization. Resistant to dust and yellowing. Moderate gloss. Resistant to alkalization. Smooth surface finish. Low VOC concentration, environmentally friendly. Warranty 6 years. Ease of construction and patching.


Ingredients: water-based acrylic.
Colorants: weather-resistant pigments and inorganic base colors combined with additives with anti-algae and anti-mold effects
Solvent: water
Density (kg/liter): 1.20 – 1.35
Solids composition: About 40%
Drying time (temperature 27 ± 2oC and relative humidity 80 ± 5%)
Surface dry : 20 minutes
Dry hard : 1 hour
Recommended dry film thickness: 30 – 35 micron
Waiting time between 2 coats: 3 hours
Theoretical coverage: 11 – 14m2/liter
Colors: Refer to the Weathercare Excel palette and the Fandeck palette
Gloss (look at 60o standing): Shoot the ball
Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place
Application temperature: From 5oC – 40oC
Packing: 5 liters, 20 liters


Inorganic (30%); Polymer (50%); Water (15%). other substances (5%).


Paint is formulated for immediate use. However, if necessary, you can add 20% clean water for the first coat. For a beautiful surface, the following coats of paint should not be added with water.
1. The surface to be painted must be clean, dry, free of grease, impurities, chalk or peeling paint film.
2. High pressure water spray to remove excess paint, dust, dirt, algae or mold.
3. If the surface to be painted is mossy or moldy, it is recommended to use Seamaster FW103 mold killing solution, wash it, and let it dry before painting.
4. For unpainted or painted wall surfaces, it is necessary to apply 1 coat of Acryseal exterior primer and 2 coats of Weathercare Excel paint.
5. Keep out of reach of children.


Use a brush, roller or spray gun.