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Waterproofing WaterGuard

It is a modified acrylic based waterproofing product, suitable for painting concrete surfaces and outdoor plaster walls.

Optimal waterproofing: the walls are protected to prevent water penetration, ensuring the paint film is always beautiful over time
High elasticity: cover small cracks, prevent water from seeping into the wall.
 Easy to apply: the product does not need to be mixed with cement and is easy to use.
 Packing: 6kg, 20kg

COLOR: Dark gray and light gray

INGREDIENTS: Acrylic resin & mineral powder (81-89%), additives (3-7%), water (8-12%).

DRY TIME : 1-2 hours

THEORY COVERAGE : 4-5m2/kg/layer depending on film thickness and wall surface (assessment based on JIS K5600:1999).

Surface to be painted must be clean, dry and stable. Old paint film, dirt, mortar, moss must be removed by appropriate methods. Use suitable cleaning chemicals and fungicides to clean areas with mold or moss. Excessively dry surfaces and absorbent surfaces need to be moistened by rolling a damped roller with clean water before application.
Apply 3 coats to surfaces with small cracks. Large cracks need to be punched wide V-shaped, cleaned of dust and filled with a mixture of 5 sand + 3 normal cement + 0.8 Jotun WaterGuard – Waterproofing agent before application

Stir well before use
Easy to apply, the product does not need to be mixed with cement and easy to use
Construction tools:
Apply layer 2: 6-8 hours after applying layer 1
Rinse tools with clean water before and after use.
Note: Do not apply when it is raining or in a humid environment for best surface aesthetics and waterproofing results.

 Store paint in a cool, dry place.
 Place the paint can in a safe vertical position and close the lid tightly.
 Use immediately after opening