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TOA NanoClean super high-gloss interior paint is made from pure Acrylic with Nano & Teflon™ advanced technology to keep your home safe, clean and long-lasting.
– The Nano Silver particles in TOA NanoClean super shiny are 99.9% antibacterial to help protect the health of your family and the fresh environment.
– Teflon™ – Surface protection technology from the US makes the surface smooth, easy to clean even for stubborn stains such as grease, tomatoes, chalk stains …
– TOA NanoClean ultra-gloss is certified as a green, environmentally friendly product that does not use lead and mercury, APEO and formaldehyde in its production formula.
In addition, TOA NanoClean super shiny also has other special features such as: smooth surface, anti-moss, easy to patch, high coverage, good coverage, very light, pleasant smell and long lasting color .
* Teflon™ is a registered trademark of Chemours TT, LLC and used with TOA Paint Vietnam Co., Ltd under the authorization of Chemours TT, LLC


TOA NanoClean super high-gloss interior paint is suitable for interior decoration on new and old surfaces such as concrete, cement walls, bricks and tiles, etc. This product is recommended for use where there is a need High demand for hygiene such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, medical care centers.