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TOA 7in1 super high-end exterior water-based paint TOA 7in1 super-premium exterior water-based paint is made from pure Acrylic resin, has elasticity up to 300%, the paint film is stretched to the maximum, covering and preventing cracking. effectively, protect the surface of the work under the impact of the harsh climate of Vietnam. TOA 7in1 paint fully converges 7 most important characteristics of a super high-class exterior paint:
– Covers and protects effectively with high resilience.
– Good waterproofing, anti-corrosion of concrete and anti-rust for reinforced structures.
– High washability.
– Anti-mildew, moss.
– UV resistant
– Durable color due to effective prevention of color fading, alkalization.
– Paint film is always beautiful with high smooth gloss.


TOA 7in1 super high-grade exterior paint is suitable for use to cover cracks, smaller than 0.1 mm. Suitable for exterior decoration on new and old surfaces such as concrete, cement walls, tiles, etc.
It is the optimal solution for structures with soft ground, sea, etc.