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Super-premium SuperShield exterior paint is made from pure Acrylic, applying Self-Cleaning technology and modern Titanium technology. The product has outstanding features:
+ Protection works up to 15 years.
+ Ti-Pure™ technology developed from Titanium Triple Protection (3 times protection), makes the paint film durable, waterproof, UV resistant and reaches maximum durability.
+ Self-Cleaning technology keeps the paint film clean, dirt is hard to stick and easily washed away when it rains or has water.
*** Ti-Pure™ is a registered trademark of Chemours TT, LLC and used by TOA Paint Vietnam Co., Ltd under the authorization of Chemours TT, LLC.


SuperShield is suitable for use on wall surfaces, concrete, plaster, brick… especially specialized for high-class civil and industrial constructions with high durability and aesthetic requirements, constructions In coastal areas or places with high humidity,…