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Seamaster Weathercare Thermal Cool

Seamaster Weathercare Thermalcool is an important breakthrough in coating technology. This is an insulating paint suitable for environments with different temperatures. This paint can be used on interior and exterior wall surfaces. The paint is very environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals.
This is an elastic paint combined with an insulating composition invented by paint experts. Once painted, it is possible to create a resilient coating with effective thermal insulation properties for all surfaces such as concrete, metal, glass and roofing.
The paint, after drying, forms a beautiful semi-gloss surface that resists the adhesion of dirt, water, algae and mold growth.


Paint is suitable for the protection and decoration of previously painted and unpainted exterior surfaces. such as mortar, cement, asbestos, brick, hard and soft boards or on properly primed wood surfaces.


High heat resistance. Resists the adhesion of dirt on the surface. Resists algae and mold growth. The temperature is reduced by 5 – 10oC. Energy saving up to 30% (conserves energy from air conditioner and heater). No harmful chemicals and environmentally friendly. Waterproof, prevent penetration into the paint film. Very good anti-pollution. Optimum insulation. Resistant to solar radiation.


Ingredients: Copolymer (contains resin beads)
Color Structure: Titanium Dioxide & Stretcher
Solvent: Water
Density (kg/L): 1.12 ± 0.05
Solids composition: About 40%
Drying time (temperature 27 ± 2oC and relative humidity 80 ± 5%)
Surface dry : 20 minutes
Dry hard : 4 hours
Recommended dry film thickness: 200 – 250 micron
Waiting time between 2 coats: > 3 hours
Theoretical coverage: 2.6 – 3.3m2/liter
Color: White and light colors
Gloss (viewed at 60o vertical): Semi-gloss
Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place
Application temperature: From 5oC – 40oC
Flash point: Not applicable


Inorganic (50%); Acrylic Polymer (30%); water and Glycol solution (15%). other substances (5%).


Paint is formulated for immediate use. However, if necessary, no more than 20% water may be added to the first coat. For a beautiful surface, the following layers should not be mixed with water.
Surface when painting must be clean, dry, free of grease, impurities, chalk or peeling paint.
Spray water vigorously to remove excess paint, dust, dirt, algae or mold.
If the surface to be painted is mossy or moldy, it is recommended to use Seamaster FW103 mold killing solution, wash it, and let it dry before painting.
For unpainted or painted wall surfaces, it is necessary to apply 1 coat of Acryseal exterior primer and 2 coats of Weathercare Thermalcool paint.
Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.


Use brush, roller or spray gun