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Premium exterior paint Dulux WeatherShield

Dulux Weathershield is a premium exterior paint that provides optimal weather protection for your home for up to 8 years with many outstanding features compared to similar products on the market.


Smart Release helps prevent moss 2 times longer
Anti-moss is one of the three features that consumers are most interested in when choosing exterior paint. Exterior paints currently have the feature of Anti-moss and mildew, but the effect does not last long. Anti-fouling agent is easily washed away after a short time causing patchy moss phenomenon that deteriorates the house’s image & severely degrades the house. New Dulux Weathershield’s breakthrough Smart Release technology with molecular particles capable of intelligent release, firmly adhere and work flexibly on the paint surface, effectively preventing the growth of mold and mildew 2 times longer than high-grade exterior paints. other products on the market, helping to protect the paint film more than 2 times longer.
Akali Guard helps to resist alkalization
Alkalization is the phenomenon in which the paint film outside appears patchy color stains that detract from the aesthetics of the house. Alkalization occurs due to moisture absorption from the outside or moisture released from the inside of the wall due to paint application when the wall has not reached the required dryness. Dulux Weathershield uses advanced British Alkali Guard technology to help create the perfect layer of protection for your home not only against extreme weather conditions outside, but also against moisture and water from inside the wall.By by placing 2 cement pieces using Dulux Weathershield paint and high-grade exterior paint of the same type in an environment that simulates perennial alkalization, after 20 days of experimental observation, Dulux Weathershield has proven its ability to resist alkalization. far superior.
Color Lock effectively resists fading
Under the impact of harsh weather, especially tropical sunlight, there are always a lot of UV rays that continuously impact strongly on the surface of the paint film, causing the paint film to fade over time. Color Lock technology with high-grade pigment molecules creates a particularly tight molecular network, capable of reflecting UV rays, making it difficult for the pigment to be destroyed and last longer on the paint film. From there, it enhances the anti-fading effect and gives the paint film a long-lasting color up to 8 years.


Keep Cool cools home up to 5oC
Heat generated in the wall (due to heat radiation from the outside) will increase the cost of electricity used for cooling. Cooling feature – Keep CoolTM included in Dulux Weathershield uses radiant heat reflection technology to help paint film with UV-reflective plastic particles, helping to reduce wall temperature by up to 5oC compared to conventional paints. . Tests as reported by BSD* show that wall cooling saves you 10% to 15% on your electricity bills.
Green Label – Singapore Green Certificate product
Safety is one of the core values that AkzoNobel always pays the most attention to when developing any product. With each paint product introduced to the market, in order to affirm its safety, environmental friendliness and consumer health, AkzoNobel always ensures to obtain the Green Label certification issued by the Council. Singapore Green Building Council is dedicated to products and services related to the construction industry.