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Multi-purpose waterproof TOA


TOA Multi-Purpose Waterproofing is a special waterproofing agent made from Styrene Acrylic resin used to mix with cement, using German waterproofing technology with smart Waterproofing ability: preventing water from seeping from the outside. at the same time, moisture inside the wall can still escape through the gaps between the elements to effectively waterproof and increase the maximum durability of the cement surface and concrete structure.
TOA Multi-Purpose Waterproofing is different from conventional waterproof paint thanks to its outstanding features:
* Perfectly waterproof 2 times
* Use for Interior & Exterior
* Resistant to alkalization and mildew
* Paint film drains moisture easily


TOA Multi-Purpose Waterproofing is used to specialize in waterproofing on new and old cement and concrete wall surfaces such as: exterior walls, water tanks, terraces, floors, basements, toilet floors. In addition, TOA Multi-Purpose Waterproofing also waterproofs the wall surface before painting.