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Interior paint Dulux Inspire beautiful colors

Dulux Inspire Interior Paint Lasting Colors With ChromaBrite technology for lasting and beautiful colors, your home will always be a beautiful, pleasant and comfortable space. In addition, Dulux Inspire also has a smooth surface and high coverage.
Now has more interior paint Dulux Inspire – New Glossy Surface.

Instructions for Use & Care

• Make sure the paint surface is clean, free of impurities that reduce adhesion such as powder, dust, grease or wax.
• The humidity of the surface is below 16% according to the Protimeter moisture meter or let the wall surface dry for 21 to 28 days under normal conditions (average temperature 300C, ambient humidity 80%).
• Paint application:
• Surface dry: 30 minutes
• Paint after: 1-2 hours
• Number of coats: 2 coats
• Mixing paint: no need to mix for normal use. But if necessary, you can mix up to 10% of clean water. Stir well before use.
• Cleaning: rinse tools with clean water immediately after use.
• Storage: store paint in a cool, dry place. Place the paint can in a safe vertical position and close the lid tightly. Use right after open.

Construction consulting
• Use suitable chemicals to treat mossy surfaces.
• Use Dulux putty for a smooth surface.
• Primer 1 coat of Primer
Dulux Premium (A934-75007) for a smooth surface, increased adhesion and long-lasting color retention for the finish
• Do not mix too much water, the coverage will be poor.