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High quality putty inside and out

Dulux Premium Wall Putty is a surface treatment material used to smooth concrete and masonry surfaces. Dulux premium wall putty is designed for use on both outdoor and indoor walls with good quality and ease of application.

User manual

• Surface must be dry (humidity must be less than 16% according to Protimeter moisture meter or let wall surface dry from 21 to 28 days under normal conditions (average temperature 30oC, ambient humidity is 80%) , clean, free of dirt, grease, wax or other impurities
• Mix 1 part water with about 2.5 parts flour by weight. Put the water in the bucket first and then slowly add the flour. Use a mixer (if available) or use a mixing device until a homogenous, ready-to-use mixture is obtained.

Powder coating:

Grade 1:
o Use a steel trowel or a trowel to apply flexible powder to the wall.
o After applying layer 1, let it dry naturally for 1-2 hours before applying layer 2.
Grade 2:
• Use a steel trowel or a trowel to apply flexible powder to the wall.
• After applying layer 2 for about 1-2 days, sanding is carried out.
• After sanding, use a brush to lightly sweep the surface to remove all the powder coating, then use a wet rag or absorbent roller to roll over and wait for about half a day for the wall to dry again.


• Do not apply on surfaces with a temperature of 40oC or higher.
• In case the wall is too dry and the surface absorbs water, it is necessary to moisten and reduce the temperature of the wall surface with clean water by misting or rolling with a wet roller before applying powder.
• When applying powder, it is necessary to carefully observe the powder surface after application, if there are air bubbles, it is necessary to tighten the plaster back and forth while the powder is still wet to remove air bubbles on the surface.
• Do not apply on painted or polished surfaces.
• To have a good coating, use the correct paint system recommended and apply according to the construction instructions of AkzoNobel Vietnam Paint Co., Ltd.
• Rinse tools with clean water immediately after use.


• Putty must be stored inside the house or in a sheltered place, in a dry and ventilated area, avoiding direct contact with the floor and must be placed on a wooden shelf 10cm from the floor, away from sunlight. directly, the packaging must be closed during storage and after each use. Use immediately after opening the package.

Information on safety, health and environment

• Treatments such as: sanding, burning paint film will create dust and/or toxic fumes. Wet sanding should discharge if possible. Work in a well-ventilated area. Use appropriate protective equipment when working.
• Lift carefully – total weight over 10kg.
• Wear gloves and eye protection
• Avoid breathing vapors/paint dust
• Only work in well-ventilated areas
• Take back as much paint as possible from the brush or roller before washing.
• Avoid paint waste into the environment.
• Collect spills.
• Keep away from food, drinking water and animal feed.
• In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention immediately.
• In case of skin contact, immediately wash exposed area with suitable soap/skin cleaning product and clean water. Do not use solvents.
• Do not empty into drains or water.
• Product safety information is available upon request.

Attention danger

• Causes serious eye damage.
• Causes skin irritation.
• May cause skin allergies.
• May cause respiratory irritation.

Attention to prevention

• Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
• Carry a can of paint or product label with you when medical advice is needed.
• Avoid contact with eyes, skin or on clothing.
• If you feel unwell, call a poison center or doctor.
• Dispose of paint and containers in accordance with local, regional, national and international regulations.