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Exterior Essence

The essential durable exterior paint Jotun Essence, protects your home for a smooth, matte finish

Durable with rainy weather, good UV resistance
Anti-weed, moldy
 Ease of use
 Does not contain harmful chemicals: APEO, Formaldehyde and heavy metals.
Surface preparation: wall surface must be dry, clean, free of dirt, grease, flakes, chalk dust and dirt impurities.
Application tools: Paint brush, roller brush or spray gun.
Dilution: Paint is manufactured to be ready to use after thorough stirring, If dilution is required, maximum 5% clean fresh water is recommended.
Coverage: Average coverage of 9.3-12.3m2/liter/layer for normal smooth surfaces
Surface drying time: 30 minutes
Time to apply the next layer: at least 2 hours
Paint Jotun-standard:
1 coat of Jotun Anti-Alkali Paint Essence Primer
2 coats of durable exterior Jotun Essence paint