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CXV/DSTA 0.6/1kV

Power cable, four-cores with reduced neutral conductor, copper conductor (compacted), armoured (double of steel tape), sheathed

Standards: TCVN 5935, IEC 60502-1

Cable identification: by color tapes lie between conductor and  natural color insulation

  • Phase cores: Red, yellow, blue
  • Neutral core: Black
  • Outer sheath: Black

The above identifying can be changed as order


  • Rated voltage (Uo/U): 0.6/1kV
  • Max. conductor temperature in normal operation: 90oC
  • Max. conductor temperature in short-circuit for 5s max duration: 250oC
  • Min. bend radius: 12 x D (D: overall diameter of cable)

Construction: Cu/XLPE/PVC/DSTA/PVC

  1. Conductor: Annealed plain copper (class 2, compacted circular)
  2. Insulation: XLPE
  3. Filler PP, binder tape, inner covering PVC
  4. Metallic armour: Double of steel tape
  5. Outer sheath: PVC (type ST2)