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The ABF All-in-1 is an important breakthrough in coating technology. With the ultimate in protection, this is a premium paint offering complete solutions for decoration and protection, bringing the perfect beauty to your home. ABF All-in-1 has the ability to kill bacteria, giving the surface an airy and fresh space. Special antibacterial formula helps protect your family and the environment.


For interior, wall and ceiling applications such as plastered walls, softboard, fiberboard and plaster.


Sell ball. High color fastness. Good resistance to algae and mold. Ease of construction and patching. Wide coverage. Suitable for enclosed environments such as offices, bedrooms, clinics, hospitals, and children’s rooms. High adhesion and durability. Dust-proof. Covers small cracks in the surface. Extremely good antibacterial, preventing bacteria from growing on the surface, keeping the walls clean.


Ingredients: Water-based Acrylic Co-polymer
Color structure: Light pigments and inorganic base colors increase color fastness
Solvent: Water
Density (kg/liter): 1.46 ± 0.03
Solids Composition: Approximately 38%
Drying time (temperature 27 ± 2oC and relative humidity 80 ± 5%))
Surface dry : 20 minutes
Surface dry : 1 hour
Recommended dry film thickness: 30-40 microns
Waiting time between 2 coats: 3 hours
Theoretical coverage: 10 – 12 m2/liter
Gloss (viewed at 85o vertical): Matte
Colors: Refer to the Seatex Moldshield palette and the Fandeck Palette
Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place
Application temperature: From 5oC – 40oC


Inorganic (30%); Acrylic Polymer (30%); water and Glycol solution (35%); other substances (5%).
Paint is formulated for immediate use. However, if necessary, you can add 20% clean water for the first coat. For a beautiful surface, the following coats of paint should not be added with water.
1. Surface when painting must be clean, dry, free of grease, impurities, chalk or peeling paint patches.
2. Spray water vigorously to remove excess paint, dust, dirt, algae or mold.
3. For painted or new wall surfaces, use one coat of Seamaster Acryseal interior primer and two coats of Seatex Fight Mold.
4. Keep out of reach of children


Use brush, roller or spray gun